Our Backyard Chickens

Growing up just outside of Washington, DC, I sure never imagined one day I'd have chickens in my backyard. However, these are the kinds of things you must expect when you marry a southern boy, along with ATV's, motorcycles, guns and dead animals hanging around your house.

At first I was very resistant to the idea of poultry outside my door. I mean seriously, I was already baking our bread and making our jam while running around barefoot and pregnant most of the time. How Little House on the Prairie was my life gonna get???  Since my husband had chickens as a child, he didn't think it was any big deal. Of course this is same man that would move us to a ranch in Montana if we were independently wealthy. He went ahead without my blessing, built a little coop and got four "teenage" hens before I even knew what was really happening. Read more about how our flock got started here...

And So it Begins....
The Eggs have Arrived
Building Nesting Boxes
Baby Chicks, Mother Hen
The Chicks are Growing Up
The Chicks MUST Go Out
Backyard Poultry Ruffling a Few Feathers
Indoor Outdoor Coop
Backyard Poultry Under Attack
Petunia Visits Preschool
Snow Chickens
The Trouble with Boys - Roosters that Is
Gardening with Chickens
There's a Chicken in My Laundry
Fresh Eggs?? How Do I Know?
White Christmas
More Baby Chicks
Special Needs Chicken
Roxanne, The Chicken with Super Powers
Love From Our Flock to Yours
Attempted Murder in Chickenville


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