December 27, 2011

Special Needs Chicken

This past summer, I wrote about our new baby chicks. They were so precious and cute back then and I wanted to give you an update. We did finally give them all names: Wendy the Silver Laced Wandyotte, the Americans are Sparkle and Tiny and the Brahmas are Vanilla and Crooked Beak. Unfortunately she got the name through her "disability". She was perfectly fine as a chick but as she grew her beak grew crooked. For a while we hand fed her with baby chick food, but surprisingly she is able to eat the regular chicken food and the scraps we share with the flock. I have no idea what her future holds because many of the chickens with this problem will starve to death. I will try not to let that happen under my care.
She's perfect and beautiful in every other way, including her very soft feathers. I love the way the Brahmas have feathers even on their legs. I have to say, Crooked Beak holds a dear place in my heart with her special needs and I hope she can survive for a long time.

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  1. Wow, she's so pretty, I can see why she has a special place in your heart! It's so cool how she has adapted to her disability!


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