March 13, 2008

Chuck Wagon Cook Off

We went to a Festival this weekend. The Cowboy Festival and Chuck Wagon Cook Off at the Booth Western Museum in Cartersville, GA. The weather was pretty cold, but that just meant it wasn't crowed. We got to talk with the people who own, maintain, and compete with their authentic chuck wagons. I have no idea how those cooks did it back in the day. I've seen Lonesome Dove and I realize a good cook was worth their weight in gold, no two ways about it. The funny part is, I can't even make biscuits under the best circumstances and here they were turning out perfect, flaky biscuits, beans, stew, cobbler and more all in their dutch ovens. I'm ready to take on the challenge - let's go camping.

March 10, 2008

Fuji Hana Sushi

I love sushi. I mean really love it, so much so that you could lose a finger if you get between me and my sushi! Every one of our kids have been to Fuji Hana as their first restaurant in life. The staff is wonderful with kids, the place is clean and the service is fast. I highly recommend it as the place to introduce your kids to delicious sushi. The earlier they are introduced to different foods, the more likely they are to enjoy them for the rest of their lives. My kids don't know that sushi is "strange" or that bee-bim-bop is "unusual".  They just know those are the foods we eat. It's much easier to put a piece of spinach paneer on their high chair tray than try to introduce it when they are opinionated three year olds! Course, it's never to late to try, so if you didn't start right out of the gate, don't give up hope. Just try a little at a time.

Fuji Hana Steak & Sushi Bar

1255 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA
(678) 560-8071‎


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