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I love to cook and I love to share food with others. There is something about giving a homemade dessert or bringing a just cooked meal to someone that just brings me joy. Seeing people delight in something you have made is priceless, to borrow a phrase. I wish I had more time and money then I could be like my heroes Julia Child, Jamie Oliver or Alice Waters, who all have had a passion for teaching and sharing good food. That's my dream job - make an impact in this world through food. Someday maybe I will be teaching folks in how to cook the basics. How to make their hard earned dollars go far and how to sometimes throw caution to the wind and just cook!

More About Me if You're Not Bored Yet!

People ask me, "how do you do it?" when they see my four kids eating everything from brussels sprouts to butternut squash (both family faves). I'm thinking, do what? It's funny how other peoples lives look so difficult. How often have you wondered, looking at some mom, "how does she do it?" I know I'm in awe of the single mom, the parents of a special needs child, the foster parents, the gorgeously decorated homes where everything just "goes", and what about the artistic folks out there! There are many things I can't do, but one thing I know is cooking. I've played around in the kitchen since I was young. Cooking and entertaining were a part of my childhood (thanks Mom and Dad). I remember I threw a real Tea Party for my friends when I was a tween - back then we were called pre-teens, but I guess that has gone the way of "totally rad". My Mom was trusting enough to let me use her china, the one with the little blue and yellow flowers. I sent out homemade invitations and made all the food, and a centerpiece for the table. I loved every minute of it even if the food left a little to be desired :)

I was raised just outside of our Washington, DC and graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (that's where the first part of my blog's name comes from). I planned to become a fast-paced, high-living executive in the hotel business. After I worked in hotels for several years, I realized I wasn't ever going to have a normal life working hotel hours. It can't happen when your business is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. I either got up for work at 4:30 or left work at 1am. Neither time was great for making friends or dating, or eating, or doing really anything except working. So I quit. Just outright quit, no job, no prospects. Instead I went on "walkabout" in Australia for three months to find myself. It was an amazing experience that cost me my job, my boyfriend and my roommate, but it was worth it. I think there was some inner challenge that was met by that trip. Something wild that finally calmed down. After I came back I was a little more settled and ready to begin being a grown-up.

When I came back to the States - to Georgia - I met my husband, a wonderful southern gentleman, on a camping trip at Cumberland Island with our church singles group. I learned quickly this man was not exactly what he seemed to be. Yes, he likes to go hunting and drives a BIG truck. He owns cowboy boots and the matching hat but...he loves sushi and liverwurst and has taken me to see the Sistine Chapel, to scuba dive with sharks, to kayak around a Alaska and more. It doesn't hurt that he writes beautiful love letters that melt my heart and make me fall in love all over again. He's also pretty great with the grill tongs and just about anything I need fixed. That's why I call him MacGuyer. I sweat the man built our chicken coop straight out of his head with a little scrap wood.
Now we have four young children ranging from 8 years down. I have nicknames for each of them because I always wanted a nickname of my own growing up. There's Super Bear, because he's the protective older son who is really pretty incredible. There's Banana Girl who sweet and kind and everyone loves her. There's Sausage who used to have big chunky rolls of baby fat, but now is the leanest kid you've ever seen. He is a crack up, silly and wild. And then there's the baby with her precious smiles. Of course, they keep my on my toes and make our life a little chaotic. Even going to the bathroom isn't private anymore! My life is NOTHING like I expected it to be, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.
These days you can find me baking and cooking in the kitchen with my kids, doing school work at the kitchen table (I homeschool the kids), scrapbooking or out back tending the chickens here in what we like to call Chickenville (ah ha, the second part of my blog's name). We have a dozen hens in our coop. Course being from DC, I never expected to have poultry in the backyard - maybe a garden or even a fruit tree - but not chickens. I have to say...I have been converted. So much so, that I sing the praises of having chickens. I love the "Girls", they give us fresh eggs and entertainment as they prance around clucking at each other and vying for bugs or worms.

I intended on becoming a corporate VP and ended up a stay-at-home, homeschooling, chicken chasing mom, which I love more than I thought possible. My life has truly been blessed by God in the most unexpected ways beyond what I ever deserved. Thankfully God is in the business of giving us what we could never hope to earn.

The recipes I share on this blog are things my family has enjoyed and I'm hoping yours will too. Feel free to email me about anything at all. I love your comments and hope to hear from you.

Ten Unusual Things About Me
  1. My favorite color is purple..ever since I was five years old..with a purple "fur" coat
  2. I have broken a baseball bat...on purpose...with my shin
  3. If you looked under my bed you would find a hoard of dust bunnies..I'm allergic to vacuuming...really
  4. One of my children was born on Leap Day
  5. I bought a stove off Ebay once
  6. I love my minivan and see no reason why you can't still jam out to Motown with the kids...windows open...rocking the van from side to side...while strangers are looking at you like you are insane
  7. None of my kids like my favorite vegetable...peas (they also don't like mashed potatoes, so they really can't be trusted)
  8. I have no idea how to text...I've never even attempted it I broke down and learned how just to say I could
  9. I run a business as a property manager in my "spare time"
  10. My engagement ring belonged to my Grandmother and was originally purchased at a pawn shop!
Here in Chickenville I love to talk about things that relate to food, family or chickens. If you have a product that falls into one of those categories and you'd like to have it featured here you can contact me by email. Please include the name of your product and where it can be purchased (website, store, etc).

Once I post the review, I will send you an email with the post link so you can link to it from your own website if you choose. I look forward to hearing from you!

Also, if this is Disney, Family Fun or Martha Stewart - I love you!! You can send me anything and I'll do it - take it - write about it. Really! Do you want my first born? - he's yours. Okay, maybe not him, but I do have three others. :)

Contact Info
email: tochickenville{at}gmail {dot}com
facebook: from Chapel Hill to Chickenville
twitter: @tochickenville


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