March 20, 2010

The Truck Party

For my littlest one's two year old birthday party, I knew trucks had to be the theme. I decided on a general "trucker" theme instead of focusing on one kind of truck. He is obsessed by trucks, the louder and bigger the better!

I made his cake into a trash truck, complete with chopped up candy bar trash in the back. The wheels are chocolate mini donuts, which I recommend getting at a bakery outlet because they are gross tasting and we just threw them away. The headlights are candy coated chocolates. The exhaust pipe is a rolled cookie covered in icing and the recycling bins are Reeses cups. I made two square cake pans and cut them in half. I then stacked the halves and cut off the very end. I used the cut ends to make the stacking front cab. Then I used the top of the cakes (where I cut them off to level them flat) to make the rounded top of the truck. When I got to the trash area, I just cut out some cake from the back and to make it look pretty messy inside, I left it unfrosted and added the crushed candy and some cookie crumbs.

The decorations were all the trucks we have laying around the house. The outside walk was lined with outside earth mover trucks and even the table had truck centerpieces. The older kids took the decorating task on with gusto.
The food was "upscale truck stop" style. We had venison sausage with cheese and crackers, a pickled platter (but no pickled pigs' feet), egg salad, carrot sticks, mini hotdogs and stoplight salad (red apples with kiwi fruit). 

In the goodie bags I put matchbox trucks, truck coloring pages, crayons, and truck tire cookies. These were not as beautiful as they were in my mind's vision, but the kids didn't seem to mind.
Here is the invitation I made to send to our party guests. (The personal info is whited out.) All the kids had a great time, mostly they played with all of the trucks laying around - those were a big hit!


  1. Thanks again for the inspiration Aimee, and your comments from the pin. We finally had our "trashy" party and I got the pictures up. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    1. Great job on the party and the cake looks wonderful. You are a fantastic mom!

  2. I love this cake design. I'm not a master baker, but my son is turning 4 and has been asking for a garbage truck cake. I'm not a fan of fondant and have never used it so I'm going to use frosting like you did. I know it was 6 years ago, but do you have any more specific recommendation on how you got the look you did? Any tips on the cake itself? I'm also trying to visualize how you stacked them. Did you stack all 4 pieces on top of one another for the body? It's hard to tell from the picture how big it is. Any tips you have would be super helpful! He's turning 4 on Tuesday, so I'm planning to likely make most of the cake Monday night or Tuesday that too far in advance? Thanks!

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