March 10, 2010

This Lunch is a Masterpiece

It's not every day that my kids get a lunch "masterpiece", but I try every once in a while to make something fun or silly. Nothing special here, but bologna, crackers, homemade hummus, raisins, banana and a little piece of cheddar. The kids had fun rearranging bologna man's face with different combinations. Sometimes is just presention that makes lunch more fun and playful.

My Mom used to give us "candlestick salad" which was a pineapple ring placed on a plate with half a banana stuck into it. On top of the banana was a cherry with the stem (the wick part of the candle). You could up the nutritional value of the salad by surrounding the pineapple with a pool of cottage cheese. Tell them they have to blow out the candle before they can eat it and make sure it's not hot anymore! Your kids will crack up over that one.

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