January 15, 2009

Sparkly Dog Birthday Party

So for Banana Girl's 3rd birthday party she wanted a sparkly dog party and I had to come through.  We had really talked about having a dog party, but then the whole sparkly thing came into play. I had already purchased the headbands thinking about ears for them to wear and just figured I'd add sparkles to them in random circles.  They turned out really cute and the kids loved them.  We drew noses and whiskers on the kids when they arrived. We also let each child make their own "dog tags" with an empty frozen juice can lid that my husband carefully drilled a hole in and sanded down on the sharp edges. I threaded those on ribbon and then wrote each child's name with sharpie, then they got to decorate them. We also played doggie bingo and had doggie coloring pages.

We served hot dogs and banana dogs (hot dog bun with banana and peanut butter and jelly), fresh fruit and veggies with dip. I decorated with pink sparkly things I got clearanced in the Christmas section and some purple/ pink twinkle lights that we from Halloween.

The dog bone cookies (complete with edible glitter) and bone shaped crayons were in their goodie bags.

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