November 11, 2008

Rocket Ship Cake

This is the birthday cake for the space party as requested by my 5 year old. He wanted rocket ships and astronaunts, not aliens. With that in mind, I started looking around for rocket ship cakes. A site I love to visit is because it shows photos of real people making real cakes - I'm not talking pros here.  It's right up my alley because I want to make birthday cakes for my kids and they really don't care how silly (or ugly) it turns out.  I just need ideas. This cake is a hybrid of several things I saw. I really liked the idea of putting Super Bear's photo on the ship (just be sure to put a piece of wax paper under the photo) to personalize it.  As you can see I used Twizzlers for the lettering and boosters, M&M's and Mike & Ike's for the decorations.  The candles went into the rocket boosters at an angle for "fire power", so when it was lit up, it was way cute.

This is how it looked when I started out, not pretty, but I'm learning how to "sculpt" a cake into the shape I see my my head. Click here and here for more of the party ideas, including the invitation wording and homemade jet packs!!

I also had fun making these astronaut cookies for the school party. They were a blast!

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