November 7, 2008

Kids in Spaaaaace

For the 5 year old's birthday party he really wanted a "Space Party" which I was totally on board with since how cool is space? I started with the invites with this wording:
Journey with Lt. Commander xxxxx
to Outerspace on Shuttle Adventure 5
Mission Date:
Launch Countdown Begins:
Return to Earth Around:
The shuttle crew will be served lunch and cake!
 Report to Command Center: (your address)
Mission Control needs you, input your readiness at: (phone number)

I got the Nasa logo off their website
Then I created a menu complete with Capri Sun, which my kids never get to have, but they are based on the drink containers used in space. We had space balls (sausage balls), star fruit and cheese cut in star shapes and lasagna just to round it all out. I served the kids food on trays we found at Walmart and covered them with Glad Press and Seal wrap so it was like they were opening their space meals (I cut a small slit in the center for them to tear it open).  Of course, there was a rocket cake and ice cream for dessert.  I didn't spring for the dehydratd ice cream because having grown up with that stuff (from the Air and Space museum) I know how yucky it really is.

We also had a whole list of challenges for the kids to complete. Each time they finished an activity, we gave them an American flag sticker on their name badge. We collected rocks from Mercury (balls of tin foil) which were very hot, so they had to use tongs, a moon walk (on the trampoline) without popping the balloons we put in there, a G-force test (spinning around in a office chair) and creating their own mini galaxy (glitter, mineral oil and water in a jar).  After they completed their tests, we gave them their very own jet packs to take home along with Pop Rocks of course and went back outside to blast off alka seltzer rockets, which were tons of fun.

See here for the school party astronaut cookies I made.

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