December 5, 2011

Macaroni Photo Christmas Ornament

How great would it be if you could get your kids to make something cute for Grandma, or Aunt Betty or any of those impossible-to-buy-for people? How much better would it be if it was something useful AND inexpensive? How about a macaroni Christmas tree ornament! Not exactly what you were thinking - me neither. However, this little project meet both requirements: not expensive and they will use it. As a bonus you probably have all the things you need around your house.

If I'm being truthful, I need you tell you making these took a little *well a lot of* convincing from my kids. There begging all started when they saw the ornament I made as a kid. My incredible mom was kind enough to save it from childhood for my "grown up tree". I made this thing back when I was in kindergarten in the 70's. The photo on it shows my super cute corduroy jumper with plaid long tabbed collared shirt that was oh so fashionable back then. Don't laugh...

Each year, my kids would comment on the metallic macaroni. They think it is so cool, I think it's, well...tacky. Really tacky. I mean, it's macaroni for crying out loud. It's a food, not a decoration, but my kids insisted. I relented because it's so cheap to make if they all turned out awful, I could toss them and not feel bad. Turns out my kids were right on this one. The ornaments were easy to make, and turned out so cute we are still using them. Maybe it's because their photos are soooo much cuter than mine.

Macaroni Photo Ornaments
macaroni - guess this one goes without saying
plastic lid from container of sour cream, yogurt, or ricotta cheese - you get the idea
cardstock - stiff paper
spray paint - I used gold, but it's your choice of color
photos - preferably wallet sized
glue and scissors

First cut a hole in the middle of the plastic lid for your photo to show through. I found a glass that fit over my photo and then traced around that so I got the size correct. Then trace around the outside of the lid on the cardstock paper and cut out the cardstock. This will be your backing paper, so it should be nice looking.

Tie one small piece of ribbon into a bow and cut another small piece to form a loop at the top of the ornament for hanging. I chose different colors of ribbon to coordinate with the photos, but you could choose ribbon to coordinate with your tree colors or anything else. {And no my 3 year is not drinking a large bottle of coke in the that photo below as someone asked, it's large bottle of bourbon. I'm kidding mom! He's actually playing Daddy's trumpet.}

 Then let the kids glue "piles" of macaroni on the inside of the lid. And I do mean piles, excess is best here so give your kids free reign. This is one of the reasons my three year old LOVED this project - glue everywhere.

Once the massive amount of glue has dried completely, take the lids outside and spray paint the heck out of them. I used a satiny gold color,but again you could choose whatever you like. Cover every nook and cranny from all angles, except the backside. 
Once the paint has dried, you can attach the photo to the cardstock circle you cut out and that backing to the topside of the lid (which is the part you didn't decorate or paint and used to be the top of the lid). Confused?? The point is to sandwich the photo between the plastic lid and the cardstock. You can insert the ribbon loop in between the plastic and the cardstock at the top so you have a loop for hanging. You can also add a little ribbon bow to the bottom of the loop or somewhere else on the ornament. I added mine just below the photo.

When it's completely dry you are ready to hang on the tree or wrap it up.Just be sure it's REALLY dry, see the bottom of this ornament, some of the pasta fell right off because the kids were a little impatient.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I promise to post about the treats and treasures we are making for our family and friends. Just to give you a little preview, we made soap snowballs and they turned out adorable!
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  1. GREAT story Aimee.. Very unique and I love the history behind it.:) This might have to end up a 365 Christmas craft. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope we make it on the greenteam list :)

  3. Cute!! I will try these next year!

  4. I love this Christmas Ornament <3 Adorable. .... Shared on my FB page. The Lazy Chicken Coop... Thank You for sharing...


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