December 13, 2011

British Candy Poppers

We made these fun candy "poppers" (or crackers) for the kids' friends. They were really fast and easy to make. If you have candy, toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls, tissue paper and have all you need to make them. My almost-six year old tackled this project as one of the two she choose to make this year.
First, stuff the tp roll with as much candy as it will hold. Using leftover Halloween candy is optional, but highly recommended (after all, this is leaving your house which is a great thing).

Then wrap the roll with a section of colored tissue paper. I cut a package of the paper in half and that was a perfect width.

After it's all wrapper up, tie the sides of the paper with ribbon. You can add a note that tells the recipient to pull the ends of the paper apart to "POP" the gift open. For kicks, you can open them the traditional way. Have two people pull at the same time, one on each end, but then there is the inevitable drama of who gets more candy, so maybe not!
This gift is also a great teaching moment since they are originally an English tradition. We looked at the map and learned a little about Britain. My girl was pretty proud of herself after she made a bunch of these for her friends. If you need a last minute gift, this is an easy one.



  1. I love this! Thanks, I'm going to go and fish a paper towel cardboard roll out of the trash! What a great, fun idea! love it!

  2. Adorable! I'm from England and YES, we are certainly crackers for crackers, especially homemade. Just thought I'd say hello from Wake Forest, NC and send you much love and thanks for sharing your family, your FAB ideas and recipes. I've really enjoyed getting to know you via your lovely blog this year. Merry Everything!

  3. I haven't been by to enjoy your posts in a while. :( Great teaching moment with the kids (about England and giving!). Hope you have a great holiday! (I'm going to save this for next year when the nephews are back in town!)


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