February 8, 2012

Roxanne - The Chicken with Superpowers

This is Roxanne.

She is always on the move. Hunting worms under the leaves or bugs from the grass, she thinks of food constantly. A girl after my own heart.

I think she's always ranging because she's enormous. She needs to eat constantly to maintain her giant girth. She dwarfs the other chickens.

Roxanne is not a curious, nor is she particularly friendly, but she is a very special chicken. She has a secret super power.

...this is Roxanne's super power...
She lays the MOST enormous eggs I have ever seen!!

They don't even fit into a JUMBO sized egg carton.

Roxanne's eggs are massive and speckly and a little nubbly to the touch. I LOVE her eggs, even more than the special green ones we get from our Americuanas.

Notice the whitish ring around the center of the egg? I wonder sometimes if Roxanne's egg gets stuck and she sits around in the nesting box, patiently waiting for the rest of it to come out, thereby developing the ring? None of our other eggs have a ring like that and not all of Roxanne's do. All I can think of is Pain, but I guess to her, laying eggs the size of a Clementines, is no big deal. It impresses the heck out of me!
That's why Roxanne is featured on my blog badge - she's a Super Chicken!


  1. I've been waiting for this post since we talked about Roxanne's eggs the other day!

  2. Those are some giant eggs. I bet they are delicious. Roxanne is indeed a super fowl!

  3. Hi ,I love ur posts ,specially about the chickens btw im only 13 and i have 8 chickens and 7 ducks of my own (strictly pets)

    1. What kind of chickens do you have? Are the ducks in the coop with the hens?


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