February 22, 2012

Pizza Soup - Fast and Easy

When I was busy recovering from my fourth cesarean section with our last baby (who is now 16 months old - yikes) a neighbor made this wonderful soup for us. I was a little unsure over the name Pizza Soup, thinking it would be more of a "kid recipe". I am not the biggest pizza fan unless it's really good pizza. So far I haven't found a pizza joint in Roswell that I love. I guess I just prefer making it, kinda like how I am about Mexican food too. Do I sound high-maintenance? I don't feel that way, but when I actually say it out loud, I sound like a food snob. I'm not, I promise. In fact the food item I craved most when pregnant with all four of the kids was McDonald's french fries. Nothing else would cure that craving - nothing. And yes, I now they are soooo bad for you and contain all kinds of preservatives and sodium levels off the charts, but it's what my body said it NEEDED and who was I to deny? Since the kids turned out healthy and *mostly* sane, I guess I didn't do any damage. All that to say I do like junk food occasionally. I'm not much of a Mexican food fan (unless it's homemade), I don't like hot dogs and I don't crave pizza, but those McDonald's fries are my weakness.

I do have a twist on junk food with this pizza soup. It breaks the pizza mold by going into a bowl, not a crust. I loved it. It was a creamy soup with a little kick from the pepperoni. The great thing about it, well actually there are two. One, you can customize the recipe so easily just like making your pizza the way you like it. Two, the basic recipe is SIMPLE. Don't thank me, thank Sybil, who introduced me to the simple pleasure of....

Pizza Soup
1 jar of spaghetti sauce
6 oz cream cheese, I used non-fat
1 c milk, I used skim
Assorted pizza toppings: pepperoni (we like turkey pepperoni), candian bacon, mushrooms, black olives, spinach, mozzarella, oregano, hot pepper flakes, whatever you like

Put the sauce, cream cheese and milk in a pot and stir until it's all melted. Add toppings to warm the up and serve. How easy is that??? Dinner's ready in a hurry!



  1. Pizza .... soup?? How fun! I love that you can adapt it to suit your family's tastes! thanks Aimee

  2. I think if everyone came clean, there would be one "bad" food item that they really crave but are ashamed to admit it. I will come clean too: I love party burritos from Taco Bueno! (Every time I sneak one, though, I really think, "Why did I do that---they are sooo bad for you?") Luckily, I don't sneak them very often!

  3. I just pinned this, can't wait to make it on a busy evening. I'll serve it with homemade rustic bread. This will be a great meal.

    1. Russtic bread sounds like a great choice Cindy.

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