September 4, 2009

We're In Today's Paper

Photo:Curtis Compton, AJC
The Atlanta Journal Constitution quoted my husband today and also had a great photo of Petunia. The article was about our Girls and the decision we've made to have pet chickens. There is quite the controversy going on about all of this right now. Some folks don't want people having chickens in their backyard (remember I live in a subdivision). It's really amazing all the ruckus about having a few birds, since no one would even know unless they came into our backyard. I can't imagine why we need to change existing laws about noise and pets just to accommodate chickens. It's not as if we are running a commercial operation out there. We won't be eating our chickens because they are our pets and they produce eggs. I'm guessing when they get old, they might stop producing, but they sure won't be worth eating then. The Girls are pets, not "livestock", and we love having them.

This photo was not in the paper, but taken by their photographer and his notes on the photo are below.

090831 Roswell - Alan and Aimee Christian look on as their children, from left to right, Anna, 3, Andrew, 18-months, and Lex, 5, feed the family's pet chickens in the backyard of their Roswell home on Monday, August 31, 2009. The Christians have 10 chickens they consider as pets which also provide a fresh supply of eggs that help cut the family grocery bill. Alan Christian is fighting Roswell's plan to impose a 25 bird limit and require special housing. Curtis Compton,

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