January 8, 2010

Romantic Weekend in a Yurt

Are you going "green" for 2010? You might want to check out the Cedar House Inn & Yurts in Dahlonega, GA. You can actually stay in a yurt. These yurts are made of canvas, the traditional ones you've seen on NatGeo in Mongolia are made from animal hides. They are meant to be very portable because the people are nomads. At Cedar House, you can stay in a yurt "out back" from the big house or stay at the Inn. Either way, breakfast is included and was wonderful! Super yummy.
It was a great Valentines adventure one year for us because it was private, out of the ordinary and cozy. I would not want to stay in the yurt during the summer because they get a little toasty even with air conditioning units, but it was perfect for a winter snuggle. Check 'em out next time you want a romantic getaway.

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