July 21, 2010

Canning Pickles

The cucumbers are seriously coming out now! I decided we had way to many to eat raw, so I set up a my pickling center. I have Ball jars I inherited, but I splurged and bought some more. My plan is to can the cukes and give them as Christmas presents, so I'm planning on a lot of canning (and why do they call it "canning" when it's really "jarring" since you use glass jars??).

I purchased both Mrs. Wages Bread and Butter pickling spices and Ball Kosher Dill Pickling Spice mix, both I got at Walmart. My Grandad used to make his spice mix from scratch, but I just found it way to time consuming and the packets are cheap and easy. Besides that they turned out delicious pickles. I even customized the mix a little buy adding red pepper flakes to some dill jars to make spicy dill pickles and I added a couple of cloves of garlic to make garlic dill pickles.

Making pickles was not a lot of work and since my husband eats them with every lunch, it was worth my time. Also, since I know I'm giving them as Christmas gifts, my time is part of the gift.

I love this tutorial on how to actually make the pickles. It's on the  Pick Your Own website. It's clear and very detailed. Using their steps helped me remember how I used to do it with my Grandad. 

What are your favorite cucumber recipes?

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