August 24, 2011


We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. I was pretty consistent with the watering and I think that really helped. Last year I was too hot and hugely pregnant to go out and even turn on the hose, so we didn't get that many. This year we have eaten tomatoes, given them away, frozen them and feed the rejects to the dastardly chickens (lest you thought I was too mean last post).

This year we grew large tomatoes like Better Boy, roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. One of the plants we put in was a little whim. I just happened to be in Home Depot and picked up an orange cherry tomato plant. This turned out to be a VERY happy decision. They were the sweetest little things, like popping candy. I took a photo of the tag and I highly recommend getting this plant next year. I know I will be planting it again!

Be sure to try out what I like to call "Summer on a Fork" saladCaprese Salad Appetizers or maybe Creamy Tomato Dip with the end of summer's bounty before it's gone.



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