August 20, 2011

Chickens are NOT Good Gardeners

The girls are making me crazy and I think the feeling is mutual. I refuse to let them out of their coop right now because every time I do, this is what happens....

And they don't even eat the whole thing! Who do they think they are??!!  I planted those seeds, watered them and fertilized them. All of sudden, I've lost complete ownership rights??  When they started going after the tomatoes, it was the last straw. They are doing jail time until the garden peters out - with no chance of parole.



  1. Thanks for posting this..we got chickens this year and i've read they help "weed" gardens, but I've been skeptical. So now I know! Sorry for your loss though!

  2. Funny but NOT.. Who knew they would eat cucumbers and tomatoes?? Hope all is well. :)

  3. @greenteam - they must be Greek! @Aimee - you should offer them some feta cheese, too. :)

  4. Tennille, The chickens are great during the winter, since they dig up and turn over all the dirt, but definitely not when the veggies are out!

    Mary, you crack me up! I should put out the feta and a little oregano, which they haven't actually found. I think I should name one of the new ones a good Greek name. Any recommendations?

    You should bring the whole team over to visit with the chickens. Your kids would love it.


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