June 25, 2012

Patriotic Cupcakes

Any excuse to celebrate is my motto. I am the geeky Mom who has Valentine's Day decorations, St Patrick's Day fun, we even celebrated National Doughnut Day here in Chickenville. 
Complete with a blind taste test of the top two national doughnut brands. It was Krispy Kreme by a landslide (I'm raising them right).
I'm sure one day my kids will look at me and realize I'm a little holiday crazy, but until then, I keep on celebrating.

I made these cupcakes for Memorial Day, but they would be perfect for next week on the 4th of July. I bake this Fresh Strawberry Cake and icing recipe into cupcakes. Then topped with fun marshmallow stars from Walmart.  I got the big size, but they come smaller too which would be perfect for decorating mini cupcakes or even homeschool projects like these.


  1. My kids only knew which holiday I was celebrating by the paper wrappers I'd bake the cupcakes or muffins in, and those were chosen by whichever ones I grabbed first! Enjoy your blog so much and some times I'm even inspired to go into the kitchen and cook! :~)

    1. What!! I've "inspired" someone??? I always said that was my blog's mission, to inspire at least one person to cook. I can now stop writing. I'm sure my husband would like to say thank you, since he knows how much time I'm spend blogging and would much rather me be cleaning up the mess I've made in the kitchen @!##$!

  2. Lovely, I am going to try this !

    1. I'd love to see a photo if you do today.


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