October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween from The Four Seasons - Family Costume

Our Halloween costumes for this year. Only the kids dressed up their year, since I'm so sleep deprived with the newborn. One night we sat at the dinner table and brainstormed all the things that came in fours. Somewhere along the way, we decided the Four Seasons would be perfect. Each kid picked a season and I'd have to say, they are pretty indicative of their personalities! There should be a personality test based on your favorite season for corporate America. Then when someone was warm and bright, you could just say. "what did you expect from a summer?"

The only thing you can't see in these photos is the full winter stroller decorations which include blue lights and homemade snowflakes that my Mom and oldest son whipped up while I was taking a nap with the baby.

I love to create costumes that don't require much money. We have a huge dress up box and most of our items come from there. Remember last year as the Three Pigs? And how about Red Riding Hood from 2008?

Happy Halloween from...

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