June 30, 2010

Gorgeous Grapes for Snacking

My kids love grapes in the summertime and I have to say I'm a big fan too. Crisp and cool they burst in your mouth. I have found keeping a bowl of washed grapes in the fridge is the perfect summer snack for the everyone. I'd like to share a little tip I've discovered for making grape eating easier. After you get the grapes washed put a paper towel in the bottom of your bowl to absorb the extra water and then snip the vines in small sections. That way the kids can open the fridge pull out a small bunch and close the fridge door. Before I started doing this, I was forever saying, "close the refrigerator" as they stood there and tried to pick off grapes and shove them into their mouth.  Cutting them into small bunches also means one particular child can put his in the freezer for later to enjoy frozen grapes. Any way you pick it, this tip makes grapes the perfect on the go snack.


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