June 5, 2010

Goodlife Cake

A fun cake to make for just about any occasion. I'm not a huge fan of clowns but they are whimsical and easy to create in icing. The body is made of icing and the head is a plastic pick you just stick in the top of the body. I used a striping bag technique to color the clown's body. You simply take a bit of paste food coloring on a toothpick and stripe the inside of the piping bag with a little of the color (be sure to use disposable parchment icing bags). Then add the icing to the bag. When you pipe it out, you get cute stripes of color on the icing!

Cake decorating tip of the day: when you want a smooth base icing finish like this one, dip your offset spatula in hot water between swipes which will help "melt" the icing smooth. 

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