June 15, 2010

Free Movie Passes for Atlanta Area

I had to share...a new Movie/ Grill place just opened in Alpharetta. To celebrate their Grand Opening, they are offering FREE movie admission for two. It's one of theaters that serves you dinner while you are watching the movie. And with deal, my hubbie and I might be able to afford a babysitter and actually go! It's been so long since we've seen a movie at the theater, I was shocked to find out how much tickets costs - yikes.

So here's how to get the freebie, click on this link below and then (here's the important part) when you get to their website, click on the "generate more free movie passes by clicking here" link they have posted. This will give you a unique barcode insuring your pass is valid.

Click Here for Free Movie Passes

I remember back in my dating days I loved going to the Cinema and Drafthouse. At that place I remember the food was not that good. I'll be curious what you all think of this place. Here the general info on Studio Movie...

Sudio Movie Grill Info and Showtimes

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