February 4, 2010

Coloring on the Walls Permitted

My mom is pretty fantastic. Among her MANY talents, she can draw. Once upon a time, I had a green nursery and I wanted a little something on the walls. A friend made a cute two-dimensional birdhouse and I asked my mom the paint a bird to go with it. She painted the tree limb and blue bird using a child's book for reference. It was the cutest thing in the nursery, especially with a little moss hanging from the birdhouse. She even painted us chickens on the wall (maybe this was foreshadowing and I should have seen the "writing on the wall" about the chickens to come).
I can't draw stick figures, so there is no way I could have tackled this, but I am lucky to have a Super Mom come to my rescue when I need it.

Maybe you have an artistic bent? Try adding a little whimsy to your child's walls, what do they love?
Mom recommends:
  • acrylic paint (.99 at a craft store)
  • variety of paint brushes
  • plastic plate for mixing colors
  • sharpie pen for details
  • picture books for ideas

I recommend having an art projector since I can't draw. It takes any image and projects it onto a wall (like an overhead projector) so you just trace. My friend Liz did an entire X-Wing Fighter jet with the art projector that looked incredible. She even used glow in the dark paint for the stars. I'm hoping at some point we can add a rocket ship to Super Bear's blue walls.

Do you have painting talent? I'd love to see photos.


  1. Those are great! I wish I could do something like that... of course, I don't have the talent and we're renting so... maybe not. :) My friend Jessica just had a little girl and her mom and sister did a tree on the nursery wall. You can see a picture here: http://oliviakaelewis.blogspot.com/2009/11/olivias-room.html. I love it!

  2. I'm trying to figure how to just attached a photo. I am starting my own blog but I'm still working on format and don't have photos up. But I love these photos! great work by your mom!

  3. This looks absolutely gorgeous and a great idea for a room... I bet your mum had loads of fun :-)
    Thanks for sharing


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