February 27, 2010

Green Waffles??

We take every opportunity to celebrate holidays around here (see Super Bear's version of a leprechaun catcher). St Patrick's Day is no except. The kids love having green waffles with their green milk. Such silliness is pretty easy to come by with some food coloring. What will you have for St. Patties Day?

A talented friend of mine is from Ireland and she taught me how to make an authentic Irish meal (with beef cooked in Guinness no less). Judith taught how to make her yummy dinner at the Whole Foods Cooking School, where I volunteer. I am lucky to have this privilege as it means I get to learn directly from the chefs who are teaching. I love my nights there learning to cook as I always learn something new. The school's knife skills class changed the way I use my knives completely. Now I can chop (sort of) like the pros on TV which comes in handy when I'm chopping up strawberries that are in season right now. We eat them by the bushel and then make strawberry freezer jam with them - delicious!

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