November 16, 2010

Gumdrop Apple Turkeys - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! What a fantastic holiday, food and family all together!

I love this craft to keep kids entertained when the grown ups are all talking...boring. This is fun for all ages, it's edible, it's halfway healthy and you can get creative. All you need are some apples, toothpicks, gumdrops, marshmallows. You could use raisins for the eyes if you like or use these edible markers that are great on all kinds of food projects. Or any other creative turkey parts you can think of (you could even use construction paper and just apples).

We do this craft on Thanksgiving and everyone enjoys putting their "spin" on the turkey, see some of these...

You can see the edible markers used in the center turkey on the marshmallows. I've also seen people use healthier options to create their turkeys. You could use cherry tomatoes or grapes, but I think the gumdrops are colorful and a red one can be smushed into the waddle to hang down from their heads. They are so sticky, you just need to press it on to the marshmallow.

Let the kids run wild with their imaginations and creations. All the while you can have a history lesson when sharing how the ugly humble turkey could have been our National Bird if Benjamin Franklin had his way. Move over Bald Eagle, the turkey is in town!

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