November 21, 2014

Minnie's Bowtique Party

This year we celebrated four years old with a Minnie's Bowtique birthday party. We brought three other little girls over for a pampering fun time!

We decorated minnie mouse sugar cookies because these girls are all so SWEET.
Then we had a spa visit complete with shopping experience too. The girls were each given a minnie bag and were allowed to pick from the jewelry and hair items on the table (including Minnie ear headbands). Then they placed their spa treatment order with the big girls. They got to have fingernails and toenails painted and lip gloss applied! I think they all loved it. 

The funniest part was the hair salon. I got my hands on my Grandmother's old hair dryer bag and set it up. It still works and the kids thought it was a riot! They couldn't believe it was a hair dryer and just cracked up.

Of course we ended the party with a Minnie Mouse cake. It was strawberry lemonade flavor cake with strawberry icing. Abigail really wanted a "tall cake" so I did two small layers and split those with icing in between (cause we really didn't need a bunch of cake). I cut the Minnie heads out of fondant with the big end of a some icing tips. The pink bow is piped on as are the white polka dots. The pearl necklace around the bottom is made from large candy coated chocolate beads that I found at Walmart. The Minnie topper was from a toy Mamaw gave Abigail last year while she was in the hospital. That toy cemented her love of Minnie Mouse.

We did celebrate her birthday at preschool too. For that day I made cupcakes (easier to serve). They were topped with pink swirled icing and little white candy balls. Then I used mini oreos for the ears and a (new to me) product called candy clay for the bow. I tinted the clay pink and hand formed the bows with two pieces of clay. One piece was shaped like a long oval and I pinched that in the middle. Then I rolled out a little tiny snake and wrapped it around the pinched part.

Happy Birthday my crazy daughter!



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