May 10, 2008

I Love to Paint

So this is what I was doing when the movers were unloading everything - painting.  I actually really love painting and since all the rooms were labeled and all the boxes were labeled, I didn't have to direct the movers, so I decided to paint.  I know it's a little obsessive!  We painted the kids bedrooms before we moved in, but I wasn't happy with the paint color I chose for our bedroom once I got the cut in done, so I was redoing it.  A long time ago I used to be a commercial painter and I painted rental houses and schools (uggh oil based paint). From those experiences I consider myself an accomplished painter (course we are NOT talking artistically painting here).  I like to paint walls - the end. I love using Benjamin Moore paint as it covers very well. So here are so simple tips to make painting easier and really you can pick up and leave off as necessary so any person (even a busy one) can do it...
  • prep work is essential (and boring).
  • take off the outlet covers and screw the screws which invariably get lost back into the outlet holes (thanks Dad)
  • patch any holes or mark with drywall compound, see for great detailed instructions (i love for learning new things)
  • cut in (my favorite part) which means use a brush to paint all of the edges of the wall.  you need a good brush here with no frayed edges, pros like Purdy, but I really prefer BM again, just a good and cheaper.  I have a 2", angled brush that I love and take very good care of for cutting in.
  • for good cutting in, you never dip your brush all the way in the paint, only the tip. you get a fair amount of the paint and carefully tap off the excess (don't scrape it on the side of the can, just tap inside the can wall) then the key is to turn your brush sideways and make a fat line of paint.  You should be able to see where the paint is going so you don't have to tape ANYTHING.
  • after your finish cutting in the top, bottom and corners, you roll the walls
  • using a roller means you have to have a drop cloth, but you really shouldn't get paint on anything unless you have an accidental drip.  keep wet lines between strokes and use paint, that's the thing i see often, not enough paint used
  • both your brush and your roller can be wrapped in foil and put in a grocery bag to keep from drying out for up to two days, making getting the paint off your hands the hardest part about stopping
  • throw away your roller cover when you are done - they are cheap and a huge pain to clean but you most clean your brush.  Using a wire brush made for this purpose (and scraping old paint off exteriors) is the best tool - invest.

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