May 20, 2008

The King of Snakes

Yes, among the other animals we own, we do have a snake. It's a ball python and he's about 12 years old (for some reason, people really like to know how old he is) anyway, this post is not about our snake Einstein, but about the King snake we found just as we were moving. My husband knows a lot about snakes, well he knows a lot about animals in general. He spotted this snake and brought it to our new house so the kids could see it. As you can see Super Bear was thrilled! I know some of you are wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, I just wanted to share a picture of the King snake so if you EVER see one, you don't kill it. This is the most incredible snake of them all. They eat other snakes, including poisonous ones like rattlesnakes. This is the snake that you WANT to have around, because it won't harm you it will protect you. I know some of you really don't like snakes, but please don't kill everyone you see.  Okay, I promise no more snake posts :)
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