May 24, 2013

Shark and Beach Cupcakes

Aren't these little guys so cute? End of the year meant we needed some summertime cupcakes according to Banana Girl. She insisted on sharks "for the boys" and "beach for the girls". I'm not sure that all were eaten according to her rules, but I know the kids enjoyed them.

The beach cupcakes are icing and then sprinkled with crushed ginger cookies (which I think taste better than graham crackers, but either would work). Add a little Teddy Graham bear and a drink umbrella that I picked up from the grocery store cuteness!
The sharks were just as easy. Ice the cupcake with blue tinted frosting and make sure to leave peaks for yours waves. Cut out blue shark fins and insert them into the frosting right before serving. If you do it ahead of time the icing will create grease stains on the paper. You could go all out and create fondant fins, but I was a taking the easy way out on this one!
Happy Summer!


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  2. Love them! I know my kids would want the shark cupcakes for sure! :) Great ideas!

  3. My Grandson loves sharks--what a fun idea!


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