July 30, 2011

"Ice Cream" Brownie Cones

I saw something like these in Kroger one day and I figured I could make them for waaaay cheaper than the $2 per cone they were selling them for. I met the very nice to bakery lady and she gave me the real secret to making these work - brownies! I really figured they were cake pops (like an ice scoop of cake) but instead I learned they are bite sized brownies under that icing.

I went home and baked up brownies from a box mix in my mini muffin pan. You could also buy the bite sized brownies from Kroger. Whatever you make sure they are moist brownies, NOT overbaked. This helps the brownie squish into the ice cream cone.

If you make harder brownies, you might end up with this...
If you are gentle you should end up with little brownies stuffed into the tops of the ice cream cones.
Then you take the whole brownie/ cone contraption and carefully dip it into melted white candy. It's easiest to use the kind that's made for melting and dipping. Just keep it on low in a pan on the stove. After you dip the cone add your sprinkles and then a maraschino cherry on the top!

Ice Cream Brownie Cones
1 box of brownie mix
1 box of sugar cones
1 package of white melting candy
1 small jar of maraschino cherries, drained and dried on paper towels

Bake the brownies in a mini muffin pan. Do NOT overbake, underbake just by a few minutes. Let cool on wire racks. While the brownies are cooking, create a holder for the cones. I used an empty clothing gift box and then cut small squares into the box. It would have been even smarter if I lightly stuffed the box with tissue paper to give it more stability. Whatever you create, it needs to be able to hold the cones until they dry and it needs to be deep enough so the cones (which are top heavy) don't fall into each other or they will stick to each other.

Melt the candy according to the package instructions on the stovetop (not microwave). When the brownies are cool, carefully stuff them into the ice cream cones. Dip the brownie side of the cones into the melted candy. You may have to dip a couple of times to get a thick enough coating. After it looks covered, add the sprinkles and then add the cherry. Press down so the cherry will stick while the candy coating is still warm. Cool in your cone holder.

Serve and enjoy the smiles. Even the adults thought these were fun!


  1. Love these - Can't wait to make some my littlest one who is 4 is my baker she will be so excited to make these - thanks for the instructions.

  2. So cute, Aimee! I know your kids must have gone crazy for these! :)

  3. Amy, I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

    Sarah, the kids did love them. So glad you are back!


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