January 6, 2011

Baby Love: Packing a Diaper Bag

I have been submerged in babydom for a few months. This is our sweet littlest one. Yes, all four of my babies were born with a ton of crazy sticking up hair and no...I didn't put product in it. She's just started her oh-so-cute smiling, couldn't you just eat her up??

All of the milestones we've been through time and again, we are reliving for one last time and so they are all the more precious. I will miss having a late night bathtime with a newborn and their wonderful baby smell, I will miss having them snuggle in bed for a breastfeeding session. I will miss little tiny clothes and big beautiful eyes that seem to take over their chubby faces. My baby is already 3 months old and I want to slow it all down! I do, however, love watching them develop into little people. Each time I am fascinated when they discover their hands, or start smiling, or suck on their pudgy toes. I love introducing them to new foods and watching their reaction. Teaching them how to communicate and seeing the lightbulb come on - eureka! Because I'm so baby-brained right now, I am going to devote the month of January to baby stuff on the blog. If you come for the food, stay with me, I'll be back to that in February. In time to celebrate my big 4-0 with some of my favorite foods.

I am starting this series off with something I always get asked - what do you carry in your diaper bag?

With the first baby, seven short years ago, we used the free diaper bag that comes with the free formula sample. Mostly because I didn't want to carry Winnie the Pooh and there weren't too many other choices. Now there are a TON of choices and they are way-more stylish. However...the decision I made when #2 kid came along to convert to a backpack diaper bag was the BEST choice ever. We ordered our diaper bag from Lands End and had our last name put on it so we can use it at the church nursery (please people, put your kid's name on their bags). Land's End does not sell this bag any longer, they have changed it to a weird looking convertible type bag. I did find this Skip Hop diaper bag that looks like a great choice. I may not look at stylish as you uber cute moms with the shoulder straps, but I've never bonked my kid in the head as the bag slides down my shoulder either. I seem to always choose practical over stylish. Having a backpack means my hands are free for other things, like keeping my wild kids safe in the parking lot or carrying that HEAVY infant seat.

Here is our diaper bag with contents unloaded. I originally took all this stuff out so I could wash the bag which I do about every year. When I'm done, it seriously looks brand new! I love the light blue lining so I can find stuff in there and the changing pad which doubles as padding for your back. I can wear this thing all day and not be uncomfortable.

There are four compartments and this photo shows everything that is in the biggest one. I always keep a camera in there because you never know when there is a cute moment with kids. I have a snack bag - a ziplock filled with little munchies for when we are out and they are starving. The bag gets tossed every six months or so since invariably things accumulate in the bottom of it. I've got tissues, band aid, lotion, sunscreen samples, hand sanitizer, and right now with a newborn: a nursing cover, burp cloth and change of clothes for her in case of the dreaded blowout.

In the next smaller pocket I keep the diaper "station". Wipes, diapers, diaper cream, and extra pull up if my potty trained 2 year old has to take a nap somewhere unexpectedly, and grocery bags for stinky diapers or soiled clothes.

I use the next pocket for anything that I need to take with me at the moment, so often it stays empty. I could put my grocery list, coupons, or work stuff. It's the pocket I always empty at home.

The smallest pocket is for me only. It has my cell phone (yes, I got an iphone for Christmas woo hoo!), wallet, keys, pen and my business cards.

Recently I had dinner with a friend who has four kids (you know who you are) and she said she just throws a diaper in her purse! I was amazed and told her so. My kids would invariably want a snack or get a boo boo that needed a band aid. I would be lost without my diaper bag!!


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