December 20, 2010

How to Eat a Pomegranate

Delicious pomegranate! We love these little beauties at our house. A while back I posted about the POM Wonderful Juice, but my real favorite is the fruit. My oldest knows when he starts seeing them available in the grocery store, his birthday is coming up. He always requests them on his November birthday menu, but they are perfect for Christmas and Valentines Day. These are actually fruit in season as opposed to that other red fruit that's soooo NOT in season during the winter. Have you ever actually tasted a winter strawberry? They are blah - nothing like the sweet summer berries when they should be eaten.

 Invariable someone asks me, "how do you get the seeds out?" So I put together this little photo tutorial, which I learned from a POM pamphlet.  Start by cutting the fruit in half like the photo above. Be careful where you cut because this juice will stain.
Get a bowl of water and put it in your sink to prevent splatter stains. Putting the fruit under water start bending and rubbing the seeds loose. If you are under water, the splatter won't go anywhere.

After pulling apart the peel and white membranes, you should start to see the seeds will fall to the bottom of the bowl, while the white pith will float to the top. You can just scoop it out and toss it (or compost it). Then pour all of it through a strainer. This is what you end up with, beautiful crunchy tart pomegranate seeds. They are delicious straight up, with yogurt, or over cereal. They are a lovely addition to any Christmas serving platter since they are already dressed for the season! Sprinkle them around your turkey or over fruit salad.


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