April 5, 2010

Natl Cornbread Festival

The National Cornbread Festival is such a fun event in South Pittsburg, TN (near Chattanooga). We enjoyed going last year and hopefully will go back again this year (April 24th and 25th). It's a typical fair with a cooking contest rolled in. Sponsored by Lodge Cast Iron, you can even take a tour of the factory to see cast iron being made. Totally cool. We managed to get a free cast iron skillet by using a special coupon at their "seconds" store in town. The kids loved trying all the different cornbread recipes in Cornbread Alley, some sweet (apple cornbread fritters) and some spicy (cheddar jalapeno). It's a small town feel with RC Cola and Moon Pies everywhere, but big time fun for the kids. Hope to see you there!

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