December 13, 2009

Racing Birthday

This was a birthday cake I did a few years back before I knew anything about cake decorating (I'm sure you can tell). It was an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine. The reason I share this not so perfect cake is twofold: anyone can make this cake and kids don't really care how beautiful it is, my son was THRILLED about the results.
Bake two cake round layers. Cut a small portion out of one cake so the cake fit together in your 9 shaped racetrack. You could use chocolate or green icing on this. I added the green sprinkles as grass for the infield. Then I used black sugar (you could buy or make) for the track, just follow the outline of the two cakes. I piped a length of white icing around the outside of the track with a plastic bag that I cut a hole in (yes, mine looks terrible). I used the white candies from Goody & Plenty for the middle dashed line. I bought a couple of smaller cars to put on the track which the birthday boy got to keep. Looking back I would have replaced the inside line of the track with dark colored life savers to look like tires.

The invite I made was designed like a ticket to a race. I put our phone number in the RSVP section and our address and phone number in the middle part. I just looked at a real ticket and tried to mimic the look.

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