September 26, 2008

Fresh Caught Blue Crabs

The truth of the matter is, I don't really like shellfish. I know it's pretty much sacrilegious especially growing up near the Chesapeake Bay. But I do love to shell the shellfish (guess that's what happens when you are sitting around watching everyone take forever to eat and your flounder is done) and I love to prepare it for others. This year, we went to the beach and caught our own crabs. It's amazingly easy. You just needs some stinky, slimy, nasty chicken necks, string, a stick and a net. So apparently crabs are not very smart because all you do is tie a piece of the gross chicken neck on the string and tie the other end on a stick. Once the chicken part is on the bottom, the crabs go crazy and climb on board to feast. All you have to do is pull up the string slowly and drop the whole thing, neck and crabs into a net. That's where I came in. I was "running nets" for the catchers and dumping the crabs into an empty 5 gallon bucket.

Preparing them was just as simple. Follow the directions on the back of an Old Bay container. Course I do deviate or else I wouldn't be me. After I drain the water out, I load up with more Old Bay on the drying crabs so it gets all over your fingers and flavors it all (yeah, funny statement from the gal who doesn't eat them!) Then it's just matter of teaching all the kids how you shell the crab and what parts you can eat.

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