December 6, 2008

Brownie Bites

This is a wonderful recipe from Taste of Home that I made for a cookie exchange. The recipe makes the brownies from scratch, but you could also use your favorite box mix. The over the top fun part was coating the brownies with more chocolate!  Then decorate as you like: red and green m&m's, crushed candy canes, icing, gumdrops, sprinkles, choc chunks, and my personal favorite - a coffee bean.

Chocolate Coating
3 c choc chips
2 Tbsp shortening
Melt in glass bowl in microwave (or in double boiler on stove) until it stirs smooth. Dip each brownie bite in melted choc using a fork to lift it out and gently tap off excess.  Put on wax paper or cooling rack.  Sprinkle with topping while still soft and then let stand until set.

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