January 22, 2008

Ladybug Cake

At least I'm getting better at cake decorating. So my banana girl turned 2 and I figured it was the last time I would get to make the decision on what her birthday theme would be.  I chose ladybugs since we also call her that. The cake was really 5 different little cakes since we have (well will have) 5 people in our family. It was much easier than I thought except for making black and red icing yet AGAIN.  What is it about kids cakes that require such bright colors??

The large bug are half a sports ball from Wilton with small 1/2 cupcake heads. The small bugs are mini doll pans from Wilton. The small ladybugs have Oreo heads. The antenna for the large one were black candles whereas the small ones just have icing piped for antennae.

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