March 8, 2009

Burn Stuff - the Best

Okay, sometimes I cause myself harm in the kitchen.  You know, cut the end of your finger off and what-not.  Course as moms, "it's just a flesh wound" and we move on.  Well for me, burns are a whole nother story.  I can't just get over a burn because everytime I put my hand in warm water (about 100 times a day) it hurts.  Or one of the kids grabs me to get my attention - yowie! Then I discovered Burn Stuff. This stuff is amazing, really. I'm not a huge medicine person but this stuff is worth it. Immediately, the burn feels better, although as you can tell from the photo it isn't pretty. The paste dries out after a while, but then you just put a little more one. I really did a number on myself pulling these cupcakes out of the oven, but in two days, the burn didn't hurt and it was 2nd degree. It's a hard product to find, but so worth it and you only need a little.Inside the box are 8 little packets of the ointment, so the rest stay fresh until you need them. I HIGHLY recommend having some of this on hand in case you need it.

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